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2 min readApr 21, 2022

Unleash your STEPN creativity with our first season of Discord Sticker Contest from 23:59 GMT 26/04 to 23:59 GMT 10/05.


**Grand prize: 10 Stickers designed by the grand winner will be featured on our Discord server + $10K worth of GMT

Nominated prize: 4 nominated winners will each get $2k worth of GMT and a potential opportunity to work with us in the future.**


  1. From 23:59 GMT 26/04 to 23:59 GMT 10/05 create 3 animated stickers(Congrats 🎉, Laugh 😂, Sad 😢 as the themes of the 3 stickers).
    Example stickers: http://distok.top/stickers/
  2. Post it on Twitter with @stepnexclusive #STEPNStickerContest. Leave your other social platform handles (eg. Instagram) to verify your art-style consistency.
  3. We will announce the nominated winners on 8th May, Sunday, on Twitter at the end of this contest. The Grand winner will be voted from the nominated winners by our followers.


  • Your entries must be 320x320px exactly in a png (animated) format, less than 500 kB, transparent background. Due to Twitter animated image format restriction, please convert it to Gif before uploading it to Twitter.
  • Must be related to STEPN and please keep the consistency of our current sneaker style.
  • The animated sticker must be made from scratch. You are however free to get inspired by STEPN logos/NFTs.
  • The animated stickers must be appropriate. NSFW, political or discriminating entries will not be considered.
  • Follow @stepnofficial and @stepnexclusive on twitter.

If your sticker gets chosen as a nominated winner, it will be used on STEPN’s Discord server. However, we might also use it on our website, Twitter, Reddit etc.

Good Luck,




STEPN Official

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with Social and Game elements.