Syncing Beats and Steps: STEPN x Steve Aoki

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3 min readOct 30, 2023


When the vigor of movement collides with the pulse of music, there’s an unmissable rhythm that emerges.

October has always been a month that symbolises transition — from the warmth of summer to the chilly embrace of fall. For STEPN, this end of October embodies a transition of a different sort: a harmonious blend of music, tech, and fashion, setting a new beat for the blockchain world.

The Dance of Collaboration: Genesis Sneakers on Solana

In a bid to constantly innovate and surprise our community, we’re ecstatic to announce our partnership with Grammy-nominated DJ and world-famous music producer, Steve Aoki. The result? An exclusive line of co-branded NFT sneakers, poised to redefine digital fashion. From October 31st to November 3rd, these meticulously crafted Genesis Sneakers will be up for grabs via a raffle system on Solana. With four distinct designs in the mix, we’re catering to every aesthetic palette.

Beyond the Footsteps: What This Means for the STEPN Community

Being anchored in the STEPN community is not just about the digital footprints we create; it’s about the heartbeats we share and the rhythms we resonate with. Partnering with Steve Aoki is more than a collaboration; it’s a testament to our commitment to blending diverse worlds — be it music, tech, or fashion. As we venture into this promising phase, your continual engagement and passion amplify the music of our collective journey.

Steve Aoki: “Collaborating with STEPN is an exciting step towards bringing the metaverse and real world closer together. This co-branded digital sneaker collection is not just about fashion; it’s a bridge to the future. With this, we’re not only changing how we engage with technology, but embracing the opportunities that this new technology offers.

Joining forces with Steve Aoki amplifies our core ethos: to foster a lifestyle that’s active, community-driven, and at the forefront of web3 innovations. It’s not just about the steps; it’s about the beats that make every step count.

Shiti Manghani, COO at Find Satoshi Lab: “Steve Aoki is a revolutionary — he continues to push boundaries and demonstrate immense innovation. This same creativity and willingness to explore new technologies aligns with our mission at Find Satoshi Lab. A0K1VERSE looks to bridge the gap between the metaverse and real life; in much the same way, our goal at FSL is to bring the mainstream audience into the Web3 ecosystem, allowing millions of users to reap the benefits of the vibrant sphere we have created. This partnership highlights our commitment to this cause, and underscores the immense potential of our industry.”

Tune In, Step Up

Every partnership, every collaboration, is a reflection of our promise to the STEPN community. As we step forward, be assured that this journey will be filled with even more melodies, more beats, and countless adventures.

Maintain the beat, move in harmony, and together, let’s create a melody with #STEPNxSteveAoki that will resound through the records of blockchain history.

STEPN is a product from Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), with other leading products under its umbrella such as — MOOAR (NFT launchpad and marketplace) and DOOAR (DEX), along with our upcoming web3 social game, Gas Hero.

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STEPN Official

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