STEPN’s 2023: A Year of Groundbreaking Achievements

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5 min readJan 1, 2024


As we close the chapter on 2023, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the transformative journey FSL has undergone. From innovative collaborations to technological advancements, this year has been nothing short of spectacular.

January 2023: A Dynamic Start to the Year

January set the tone for the year with the launch of our first STEPN recap event. This unique initiative provided our community with personalised insights into their fitness achievements, celebrating the individual journeys of our users. Additionally, our partnership with Binance marked a significant milestone, laying the groundwork for our future endeavours and signifying our growing influence in the blockchain space.

February 2023: Love, Partnerships, and Community Growth

February was a month filled with love and strategic growth. Our Valentine’s event encouraged users to draw hearts with GPS, adding a touch of romance to their fitness routines. This month also saw the exciting partnership with HypeSaints, the winner of MOOAR Launchpad Season 1. This collaboration brought to life an exclusive campaign featuring limited-edition Sneakers and HypeSaints PFP. Furthermore, we launched the New Horizon Initiative, a generous airdrop to all STEPN Genesis Holders across all our blockchains, cementing our commitment to our loyal community.

March 2023: Pandas and Artificial Intelligence

March was highlighted by the whimsical Panda event, where enhancements had a 100% chance to generate Panda Skin Sneakers. This event not only brought fun and excitement but also included giveaways of exclusive Panda Hoodies. In the same month, MOOAR released its Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) called GNT, simplifying the NFT creation process and making it accessible to a wider audience.

April 2023: Collaborations and Investments

April saw an innovative collaboration with DeGods and Lost Worlds, offering exclusive Sneakers for NFT IRL hunters at NFT New York 2023. This month also marked the launch of MOOAR FairMint, a daily launchpad for creators to launch their NFT collections easily, showcasing our commitment to supporting the creative community. Additionally, we started strategic investments to support projects, beginning with Hype Saints.

May 2023: Milestones in Gaming and Tech Integration

May was a pivotal month with the introduction of a new STEPN mechanism — the badges and achievement system. These added a new layer of emulation and recognition within the app. A partnership with Ghost In The Shell — SAC_2045 led to our biggest Raffle Mint on MOOAR with over 33 millions GMT locked, a testament to our community’s engagement. Furthermore, STEPN’s integration with Apple Pay set a new standard in blockchain gaming app innovation.

June 2023: Security Enhancements and Collaborative Ventures

In June, we focused on strengthening our platform with a better block scanner and enhanced security features. The release of GNT v3 revolutionised personalised art creation, while our collaboration with The Whales and legendary record label Def Jam led to a unique Genesis Sneaker drop. We also released the Gas Hero Badge in STEPN, first hint of our upcoming project.

July 2023: Expanding Reach and New Horizons

July saw our listing on OKX, enhancing our presence in the cryptocurrency market. Our collaboration with MetaMe, a project by leading Japanese telecom company Docomo, highlighted our international reach. This month also featured the official announcement of Gas Hero, our first Web3 social game from FSL.

August 2023: Engaging Community Collaborations

August was marked by our first partnership with DRiP, distributing MOOAR Mascot NFTs and offering a chance to win the first-ever animated STEPN Genesis Sneakers. A collaboration with OwnTheDoge on co-branded Genesis Sneakers on ETH further showcased our commitment to merging STEPN with other actors from the world of NFTs. Gas Hero also made strides with the release of the first parts of its whitepaper and announcement video.

September 2023: Anniversaries and Polygon Integration

September celebrated our second anniversary with the month-long #STEPNEMBER2 event. We also organised a City Walk with Yawn and Block Beats in Singapore for Token2049, fostering community engagement. The integration of Polygon on MOOAR opened new possibilities in blockchain technology, while Gas Hero announced its launch on the Polygon blockchain, promising smooth gameplay for users.

October 2023: Innovative App Features and Major Partnerships

October brought significant updates to STEPN, including widget integration for tracking runs from the lock screen. Our collaboration with Apple Music bridged Web2 and Web3, enhancing the user experience in our app. The month was further highlighted by our iconic collaboration with Steve Aoki, locking over 27 million GMT in a landmark raffle mint. Gas Hero opened community testing qualifications, inviting 3000 users to be a part of the development process.

November 2023: Merch Drop and MOOAR Developments

November was a thrilling month with the launch of our #FSLLegacyDrop on our merch store, which sold out in less than an hour. MOOAR introduced MOOAR+, a new loyalty program bringing numerous benefits to users, and launched MOOAR Boxes, a new rewarding system for NFT traders. The month also saw the release of MOOAR x STEPN Genesis Sneakers, offering unique perks on MOOAR. In the meantime, Gas Hero achieved the number one spot in trading volume on the Polygon blockchain.

December 2023: Celebratory Events and Trading Milestones

December celebrated the holiday season with the #FSLMerryBoxes event, our first cross-brand event between STEPN, MOOAR, and Gas Hero. We also hit a milestone with 100 million GMT trading volume on both Gas Hero and STEPN x MOOAR Genesis Sneakers, showcasing the growing popularity of our platforms. Meanwhile, Gas Hero continued to make waves with its community testing.

In addition to these online milestones, 2023 was also a year rich with offline events across the globe, further solidifying our presence in the global community.

As the year wound down, we not only celebrated our successes but also set our sights on the future. The achievements of 2023 stand as a testament to the strength and dynamism of the our community. Our journey was marked by a series of firsts, breaking barriers in technology and community engagement, and forging partnerships that stretched across continents.

As we step into the new year, we do so with gratitude for your unwavering support and excitement for the adventures that lie ahead. Together, we will continue to push boundaries, innovate, and strengthen our community.

To a new year and new horizons — let’s make 2024 unforgettable! 🚀



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