STEPN Partners with HypeSaints, Winners of MOOAR S1

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3 min readFeb 20, 2023

We at STEPN are thrilled to partner with HypeSaints NFT to launch a limited edition collection of co-branded STEPN Sneakers, NFTs and merch. If you think the name looks familiar, HypeSaints were the winners of MOOAR Season 1 Launchpad back in December. The project founders boast over 10 years of experience in the entertainment, gaming and arts industry. The collection is built around the concept of an On-chain Story Gameboy and NFS (Non Fungible Stories). The characters are split into two groups, The Hipster Alliance and The Bubble Gang who are fierce competitors. HypeSaints NFTs are trading on MOOAR between 0.3–0.4 ETH, circa 2,000% up from the mint price.

The STEPN x HypeSaints Event Details

Start: 20th Feb. 05:00 UTC

End: 12th Mar. 23:59 UTC

  1. The event will be held in weekly rounds.
  2. Each round starts Monday and ends Sunday. The ticket count snapshot is 23:59 UTC every Sunday, followed by a ticket count reset at 00:00 UTC each Monday.
  3. To join, either mint/buy a STEPN x HtpeSaints sneaker and hold in your spending account. (You don’t need to be the minter).
  4. Get tickets based on the Rarity of each HypeSaints sneaker helding during the snapshot that week, play across all realms.
  5. Players holding at least ONE ticket will be eligible for the raffle pool of co-branded NFTs and co-branded merch. The more tickets you have, the more chances of winning.
  6. Players with the most number of TOTAL tickets during that week round will be considered “Top Holders”.

The Raffle for Sneaker Holders

  • Each Common co-branded sneaker = 1 ticket
  • Each Uncommon co-branded sneaker = 2 tickets
  • Each Rare co-branded sneaker = 4 tickets
  • Each Epic co-branded sneaker = 6 tickets

e.g. if you have 1 uncommon in SOL and 1 common in ETH, you get = 3 tickets for that round.

The Prizes and Rewards

  • Week 1: 20 co-branded NFTs + 20 co-branded merch items
  • Week 2: 30 co-branded NFTs + 20 co-branded merch items
  • Week 3: 50 co-branded NFTs + 20 co-branded merch items

Important Information

  • You can only win 1 co-branded NFT and 1 co-branded merch item per week.
  • Sneakers minted during a week round must be in the Spending Account to be eligible. Sneakers in the marketplace at snapshot time will not count.
  • Sneakers counted in a previous round WILL NOT be counted in the next round.
  • Sneakers bought within the current week round will be counted as a “new” sneaker, even if minted during the previous weeks.
  • Sneakers transferred within the current week round will be counted as a “new” sneaker only if they were minted within that week.


We are thrilled to bring about this partnership, which further builds on the synergise between the different products in the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem.

Let us know which sneaker you mint by sharing to your social media channels and using the hashtag #STEPNxHypeSaints. We hope you enjoy this event, have fun!



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