STEPN Partners with ASICS and Solana, Pioneering a New Era of Web3 Fitness

We at STEPN are proud to partner with ASICS and Solana to pave the way for the Web3 fitness industry. We are aligned with ASICS in our goal to get the Web3 community moving and active and couldn’t be more excited about this collaboration.

The launch of the new featuring custom-made GT-2000 running shoes includes a token gated experience. Customers will automatically receive a loyalty ASICS Badge NFT with purchase, which will unlock entry to a raffle to receive an airdrop of a limited number of ASICS-STEPN OG Solana NFTs. There are 1 Rare, 150 Uncommon and 850 Common ASICS-STEPN Solana NFTs available. These NFTs have the utility of being playable in to move and earn on the Solana realm.

We’ve got good reason to believe that the next phase of the fitness industry is going to be the connected outdoors movement and this partnership is perfectly poised to disrupt the fitness tech game.

The Future of Web3 Commerce

The is the first ever globally distributed physical product available to order using USDC on Solana Pay. ASICS has brought the best of physical and digital commerce together by providing a seamless end-to-end customer experience:

Borderless: Anyone in the world can buy as many shoes as they’d like

Instant: Global purchases in USDC digital dollar currency powered exclusively by Solana Pay, a decentralized payment standard and protocol built on Solana.

Rewards: Automatically with their purchase, customers receive ASICS Badge NFTs which will unlock access to future tokengated ASICS rewards and experiences.

Tokengating: ASICS Badge holders have an opportunity to receive a tokengated airdrop of ASICS-STEPN NFT Sneakers, which can be used to play the powerhouse Move and Earn app that brings people to a healthier lifestyle by rewarding them with tokens for being active.

Global efficiencies: The limited pre-order window ensures minimal waste in the production process — ASICS won’t make or ship more products than are purchased

Moving with STEPN: Digital fitness goes outdoors

During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 gyms, studios, and classes across the country closed and at-home fitness became a hot market.

It’s not hard to see why. Stuck at home with no commute, nowhere to go, and a lot more time on their hands, many people turned to exercise to keep themselves busy. Folks flocked online to find on-demand workouts and creators like ‘Yoga with Adriene’ went from an average of 500,000 views a day to 1.5 million a day.

Nowhere have we seen this shift outdoors more clearly than STEPN. Over the past year, we’ve acquired almost 5 million total registered users in over 200 countries and partnered with some incredible brands including ASICS to get people moving and encourage IRL interactions.

“The launch of the ASICS x Solana UI Collection is a major step forward for ASICS Web3 commerce. We’re proud to leverage Solana Pay and partner with STEPN to help us scale our mission to inspire the global Web3 community to create healthy habits with our products. Building on learnings and successes from our Sunrise Red and Genesis STEPN collections, we’re excited to continue delivering world-class Web3 experiences.” — Joe Pace, Director of Web3 and Digital Goods at ASICS

Wrapping things up

Our partnership with ASICS moves us forward in our mission to onboard and educate the next generation of users to Web3. Today is the last day to pre-order the exclusive (8 Nov 2022). Stay tuned for the ASICS-STEPN OG Solana Airdrop incoming this November.

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