STEPN: Panda Day Event with Exclusive Merch! 🐼

STEPN Official
3 min readMar 15, 2023

After almost a year, it’s finally here!

We’re pleased to announce an exclusive event for International Panda Day, where users can obtain the highly anticipated Panda Skin Sneakers!

We understand the community has long awaited for this, but due to a shift in priorities that were essential for growth, it was pushed back. Now, we hope the wait was worth your while!

So, what is Panda Day?

Panda Day is an annual observance that aims to raise awareness about the conservation of giant pandas, which are an endangered species.

Established by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), It is celebrated on March 16th each year and is an opportunity to promote the efforts being made to protect pandas and their habitats, as well as to encourage individuals to take action to help preserve these magnificent animals. Through education and awareness-raising activities, Panda Day seeks to highlight the importance of protecting not just pandas, but all endangered species and their natural environments.

The Event

Start: 16th March 2023 00:00 UTC
End: 18th March 2023 23:59 UTC

For 3 days, ALL enhancements will have a guaranteed chance to yield a Panda Skin Sneaker! That’s right, it’s a 100% chance to get a Panda Skin Sneaker!

There will be a total of 2 different color designs, one black and white and one green [less common] design for each sneaker type (walker, jogger, runner, trainer) which can be obtained randomly for every enhancement.

Furthermore, this will be a permanent skin! This means that even if you decide to enhance the sneaker further after the event ends, the Panda Skin will follow!

During the event, you enhance 5 Common sneakers to obtain an Uncommon Panda Skin Sneaker. After the event ends, you decide to enhance your Panda Skin Sneaker with 4 other Uncommon shoes. You will be guaranteed to receive at least a Rare Panda Skin sneaker, the skin according to the type of sneaker you attain from the enhancement!

Merchandise Giveaway

On top of it all, to make it up to our users for delaying the Panda Skin for almost a year, we will be giving away a set of Panda Hoodies!

There are 2 ways to try your luck at getting your hands on one:

  1. Hold a Panda Skin Sneaker!
    Snapshot for holders will be taken on March 18th 2023 at 23:59 UTC. 50 hoodies to be won! Winners will be contacted via email. Please do NOT list your Panda Skin sneaker on the marketplace during the snapshot.
  2. Take part in our Twitter Giveaway!
    Keep an eye out on our STEPN Twitter account — we will be launching a giveaway where 10 lucky winners will walk away with a Panda Hoodie!


In conclusion, the wait is over! The exclusive Panda Day event will finally allow users to get their hands on the long-promised Panda Skin Sneakers.

Although we acknowledge the delay, we are committed to making it up to our valued community members. We strive to improve our promise-keeping skills and continue to provide exciting events and opportunities like this one.

So get ready to step up your shoe game and join us in celebrating the majestic pandas on Panda Day! Thank you for being a part of our community, and we can’t wait for you to participate in the event!



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