STEPN Merch Store: Wear a Piece of FSL’s Legacy and Be Cool While Doing It

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3 min readNov 15, 2023


When you’ve been part of a journey that’s transformed the way people perceive gaming, wellness, and decentralised technology, it’s only fitting to mark that journey in a way that feels tangible.

This is what we’re bringing to you with the FSL Merch Store.

The Legacy of Find Satoshi Lab (FSL)

Founded in 2021, FSL stands at the forefront of gaming and development in the Web3 arena. With an enviable mission to usher individuals into the world of Web3 and promote wellness, FSL has been nothing short of groundbreaking.

Our ecosystem is robust, boasting names like STEPN, MOOAR, and DOOAR, with our most recent venture, Gas Hero, poised for a grand entrance by the end of 2023. Discover more about our expansive universe at

Introducing the FSL Merch Store

Our community’s passion, enthusiasm, and relentless drive have always inspired us. That’s why we’re beyond excited to announce something many of you have been waiting for — our very first Merch Store!

The Concept Behind the FSL Merch Store

At its very heart, the FSL Merch Store is not just about apparel; it’s a narrative. Our overarching goal has always been to foster deep connections with our community, and this merch initiative is a reflection of that aspiration.

A Canvas of Our Journey

Our merchandise doesn’t just represent the FSL brand — it encapsulates our entire evolution. From our humble beginnings to our latest achievements, every item tells a story, evoking memories of where we started and hinting at the boundless possibilities of where we can go.

This store is a salute to our unwavering community. It’s our way of acknowledging the enthusiasm, feedback, and consistent support we’ve been privileged to receive. Through this collection, we’re offering a tangible piece of our shared journey, giving community members an opportunity to wear their part in the revolution.

Sustainability and Forward-Thinking

In alignment with FSL’s mission, the Merchandising Store also underscores our commitment to innovative designs and ethical practices. Without revealing too much, rest assured that our merchandise blends trendiness with a mindful approach, resonating with the progressive values of our users.

In embracing the essence of innovation that FSL stands for, we’re thrilled to pave the way for a future-focused shopping experience. As such, we’re excited to announce that purchases will be exclusively transacted in cryptocurrencies.

This reinforces our commitment to the Web3 ecosystem and provides our community with a seamless and secure payment experience.

As we approach the official unveiling, we invite you to immerse yourself not only in the excitement of the products but also in the philosophy underpinning them.

The FSL Merch Store isn’t just about attire; it’s about donning ideals, dreams, and a shared vision for a brighter, interconnected tomorrow.

Join Us in Making History

As we gear up for this exciting chapter, we invite you to become part of FSL’s storied history. Let’s be cool together. Let’s celebrate the FSL Legacy!

Visit our FSL Merch Store here.

STEPN is a product from Find Satoshi Lab (FSL), with other leading products under its umbrella such as — MOOAR (NFT launchpad and marketplace) and DOOAR (DEX), along with our upcoming web3 social game, Gas Hero.

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STEPN Official

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with Social and Game elements.