STEPN Launches the New Horizon Initiative with a $GMT Airdrop to Genesis Holders

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3 min readFeb 19, 2023

We are proud to launch the STEPN New Horizon Initiative in our most recent effort to give back to the community. STEPN Genesis Sneakers are the most rare NFT sneakers within the app and come with a variety of perks including, free membership access to MOOAR and cross-realm OG Sneaker airdrop. Genesis sneakers were the first sneakers in the app and further limited edition Genesis drops have taken place over the past year to celebrate key partnerships such as the ASICS/Binance NFT drop and Atletico De Madrid co-branded NFT. The total number of Genesis sneakers is capped at 20,000. We will continue to give away Genesis sneakers during our events and through social media contests.

STEPN Genesis Airdrop Details

The first event of the New Horizon Initiative is an airdrop to all Genesis Holders across Solana, BNB Chain and the Ethereum realms. The prizes are distributed as follows, please note each sneaker held accounts for one airdrop:

  • Common Genesis Sneaker — 4,000 $GMT
  • Uncommon Genesis Sneaker — 8,000 $GMT
  • Rare Genesis Sneaker — 16,000 $GMT
  • Epic Genesis Sneaker — 32,000 $GMT

For example if you hold 1 Common Genesis Sneaker and one Epic Genesis Sneaker you will receive a total prize pool of 36,000 $GMT.

Important Information

  • The snapshot for this giveaway took place on 12th Feb 0:00 UTC and happened prior to our announcement.
  • No core team members, community members, ambassadors or moderators had prior knowledge of this airdrop and found out at the same time as the wider community with Yawn and Jerry’s address in the STEPN February 2023 Town Hall.
  • In order to be eligible, the sneaker had to be held in the STEPN spending account and not listed for sale on the marketplace when the snapshot took place.
  • At the time of publishing this article, the airdrop has now been completed so please check your spending account to see the amount of $GMT you were eligible to receive.
  • As we used the ecosystem fund for the airdrop, all GMT airdrops were sent to the SOL Spending Account of SOL/BNB/ETH users. For non-SOL realm users, please create a SOL Wallet and have that Address funded with SOL for transaction fees.

What is a STEPN Genesis Sneaker?

  • Genesis Sneakers on Solana are Sneakers G1 — G10,000
  • Genesis Sneakers on BNBChain are Sneakers G10,001 — G15,999 & 17,001–20,000
  • Genesis Sneakers on Ethereum are Sneakers G16,000 — G17,000

All Genesis Sneakers will have a “G” mark for identification purposes. It is important to note Genesis Sneaker is different from OG Sneaker, which are short numbered Sneakers airdropped to Genesis Sneaker holders from time to time. OG Sneaker does not have the “G” mark, and does not have Genesis Sneaker Perks.

For example, OG Sneakers on BNBChain are Sneaker #20,001–30,000. OG Sneaker on Ape Realm are Sneaker # 40,001–60,000

The Road Ahead

The STEPN New Horizon Initiative symbolises our commitment to empower our loyal users for our future GMT use cases. We never stopped building new features and products.That’s all we can say for now but be sure to turn your Twitter notifications on, because this is just the beginning…

P.S.Don’t forget to vote on MOOAR Launchpad Season 2 next Tuesday 21st February at 0:00 UTC.




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