StepN is among the winners of Solana Ignition Hackathon (Game-Fi Track)

Solana ignition hackathon has attracted over 6000 participants and over 500 projects submitted.

StepN by Find Satoshi Lab was honored to receive the 4th place in the Game track. Following is the winner list for the Game track from Solana Foundation:

Gaming Track

First place: Rushdown Revolt, a collectibles and metaverse framework

Second place: Portals, a web-based metaverse platform for Solana.

Third place: Eizper Chain, a multiplayer action role-playing game that contains synergy between adventure and arena battle.

Fourth place: StepN, a move-2-earn mobile game onboarding millions of non-crypto runners to crypto.

Fifth place: Titan Analytics, a commercial analytics platform built for the Metaverse.

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Been the first mobile move2earn game, StepN aims to lead a completely new genre for the Game-Fi track. We are aiming to release our first Beta Testing Version on 3rd Nov 2021. We invite crypto connoisseur and running enthusiast to join our discord channel to get their whitelisted for Beta Testing Eligibility:



STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with Social and Game elements.

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