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2 min readMay 23, 2024


Social Fitness Reimagined: Blending Community Engagement with Healthy Living and Rewards

What if you could get rewarded for being active and connect with friends using a cutting-edge app? That’s exactly what STEPN GO is all about — social interactions, physical activity, and rewards.

How Does It Works?

With STEPN GO, you earn rewards by staying active, using digital Sneakers. These Sneakers are more than just collectibles; they’re tools that track your fitness activities and let you earn tokens and rewards based on your movements.

The app’s integration with blockchain ensures everything is transparent and fair, providing a secure and reliable environment to interact and transact.

New Features

Let’s dive into STEPN GO’s new features to give you a glimpse of what’s waiting for you:

  • The Haus System: This social feature ensures easy onboarding for new users. Lend your Sneakers to friends or family, allowing them to start without any crypto knowledge or investment.
  • GGT Token: Earn the new GO GAME TOKEN when walking or running with your Sneaker.
  • Avatar & Outfits: Create your avatar, equip them with Outfits received through in-game crafting, and flex them on the in-app Interactive Map.
  • Energy system: To get Energy and increase the Energy Cap, users must burn Sneakers, helping maintain a stable and sustainable economy.

We’ll be rolling out these mechanisms gradually to ensure smooth integration and an optimal environment.

To learn more about STEPN GO features, dive into our whitepaper:

Join NOW!

Can’t wait to get your hands on your first STEPN GO Sneakers and start your journey? Then, join the Alpha Draw starting soon for a chance to win exclusive soul-bound Sneakers!

6,000 Sneakers will be raffled over a 30-day period, and additional Sneakers will be given away through contests on our X account!

In the meantime, join the STEPN GO Discord server and get a chance to win FREE STEPN GO Sneakers:

Discover more information on our Website:

Ready? STEPN… GO!

STEPN GO is a product from FSL, with other leading products under its umbrella such as — STEPN (pioneering move-and-earn platform), MOOAR (NFT launchpad and marketplace), and DOOAR (DEX), along with our web3 social game, Gas Hero.

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STEPN Official

STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with Social and Game elements.