STEPN Discord NFT Airdrop Campaign Q&A

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3 min readDec 14, 2021

I. Discord

(1) How to join.

Join STEPN Discord server by visiting the link below:

(2) How to get a role.

3) How to invite people and generate the Invite link.

Click on “Invite People” on the #general channel and then copy your unique invite link. Please keep the default 7 days expiration setting. Please DO NOT generate permanent invitation links. As there can only be up to 1000 invitation links in a discord server, we will clean up all the permanent invitation links every day.

If you cannot generate invite links, please contact an admin, they will assist you with invite link generation.

(4) How to win NFT airdrops.

Members with a Season 1 Club, Olympic Runner or Blade Runner role are qualified to submit their Solana Wallet address. It takes about 24 hours to transfer NFT rewards to the submitted Wallet addresses.

Link to submit :

(5) How to get a Season 1 Club role.

There are two paths to get a Season 1 Club role:

a) get either a Bug Catcher, Tweety or Meme Lord role or

b) win a STEPN pop-quiz in #general channel.

The pop-quiz occurs in #general channel every hour until the Season 1 Club 10000 Sneakers are given away.

II. NFT Sneaker

(1) Where to trade.

Magic Eden NFT Marketplace:

(2) Rarity

Rarity is different from Sneaker Quality. The lower the Sneaker’s “#Issue Number”, the rarer it is. STEPN airdrops the #00001 — #10000 to the community members.

Members with Season 1 Club will be rewarded NFTs with an issue number from #5000 to #10000.

Members with Olympic Runner will be rewarded NFTs with an issue number from #3000 to #4999.

Members with Blade Runner will be rewarded NFTs with an issue number from #1000 to #2999.

All player minted Sneakers will have a random “#Issue Number” after game releases.

(3) What it does.

Players MUST have an NFT Sneaker to move2earn in STEPN. The higher the Sneaker level, the more a player can earn per day, and the more Sneakers a player has, the longer a player can move2earn per day.

III. Game

(1) When is the release?

STEPN public beta will be officially released on 20th of December, 2021.

(2) How does it work?

Players can start their move2earn journey simply by selecting an NFT Sneaker. GST/GMT tokens can be earned while a player is running and walking, and these tokens can be swapped for stable coins, like Bitcoin, through the STEPN in-app exchange system.

(3) What is the roadmap?

IV. YouTube Link

Special thanks to MetaVerse Explorer who created these STEPN videos.

V. Contact

For general enquiries, please contact Jason, STEPN Discord server Admin Manager.

For advertising or potential collaboration opportunities, please contact Michael, Discord Marketing Advisor.

VI. Linktree



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