Social Prescribing: Healing Through STEPN (Part 2)

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3 min readJun 20, 2023

Welcome back to part two of our series, “Social Prescribing: Healing Through STEPN.” In our previous discussion, we examined the emergence of social prescribing and how it’s being used to combat physical health issues, with STEPN playing a crucial role in this movement.

Today, we’ll delve deeper into how social prescribing addresses another pressing concern of our time: the mental health crisis. Let’s dive in!

A growing crisis

Mental health issues are on the rise worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, depression is a leading cause of disability, affecting over 280 million people globally.

Furthermore, an estimated 31% of people in the US will suffer from an anxiety disorder at some time in their lives. It’s clear that mental health issues are a significant and growing concern, necessitating innovative approaches like social prescribing.

The science backs it up

As we covered in part one, social prescribing provides a unique opportunity to address mental health issues — connecting individuals with non-clinical services that can support their mental well-being.

To review, social prescribing acknowledges the crucial role of social factors in mental health. The practice involves linking people with activities or communities that can help reduce feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

A perfect example of this approach in action is STEPN. Our app encourages users to get out of their homes and engage with their surroundings, fostering social connection and reducing feelings of isolation — and getting active.

And the science backs up the importance of physical activity for mental health. Two recent systematic reviews have found evidence that exercise can greatly improve symptoms of depression and anxiety, potentially even more so than antidepressants.

A review published in February 2023 found that exercise was 1.5x more effective than medicines to manage mental health. Another meta-analysis saw beneficial effects reported across all clinical populations, with the greatest impact on those with major depressive disorder and those undergoing supervised exercise.

In addition, the social aspect of STEPN can’t be understated. By encouraging users to walk more, it increases the likelihood of social encounters, whether with a walking buddy or simply through casual interactions on the street. This serves to foster a sense of community and belonging, which is critical for mental well-being.

The future of mental health care?

As we navigate a world where mental health issues are increasingly prevalent, the importance of innovative solutions like social prescribing and platforms like STEPN becomes ever more apparent. These approaches provide a holistic perspective, recognizing the complex interplay of physical, social, and emotional factors in mental health.

In the face of a growing mental health crisis, it’s clear that we need more than traditional medical interventions. We need to foster connections, encourage physical activity, and build communities that support mental well-being. And that’s exactly what social prescribing aims to achieve, with the potential for STEPN to play a vital role in this movement!



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