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5 min readAug 16, 2022

In an effort to reinforce aspects of our game economy, we already discussed about GST and GMT here. In this part of our series aimed to fully make clear pertinent aspects of STEPN’s app for our users, we dive into our concept — Realms.

We hope that after reading this article, our users may understand how Realms is the first step into a new stage of growth for STEPN, and how this may benefit them as both users and investors.

We will explain what Realms are, why we have decided to go in this direction, how it works for players, and what makes them attractive for our partners.

What are Realms?

In MMORPGS (Massive Multiplayer Online Games) such as Runescape and World of Warcraft, players may choose a “world” to begin their journey in. Each world is actually a different server — this system ensures that their millions of players are spread out, ensuring good server health.

In STEPN, these worlds are known as Realms. We have taken this concept and added twists to make it relevant to our app.

Realm is basically a fork of the game — STEPN will exist across different chains. So, while the rules of the game could be similar, each Realm will have its own ecosystem. Players may choose which Realm to start or continue their STEPN journey in.


Imagine each player’s individual fitness gains. In totality, this proven ability to inculcate solid fitness habits in the masses — this intangible value — has extremely strong potential to be leveraged by our partners for their branding and community growth.

With Realms, we translate this intangible value for our partners into tangible value for our players.

The brand on the other hand is able to position itself as a tech-savvy, progressive company with a strong focus on healthy living. In return, STEPN is able to onboard new users onto our app, with an easy onboarding mechanism thus feeding into the growth flywheel.

An Asics x STEPN Collab Sneaker

The success of one Realm will be shared among all Realms. Rest assured that we will not forget our loyal players who have been with us for our journey here.

How do Realms work for players?

Energy Bridge System

Each time a new Realm is released, users who are on older Realms will have access to additional energy to kick-start their journey.

1st Month: 1 Energy/Older Realm you hold a sneaker in (Capped at 3 total energy)
2nd Month: 1 Energy/Older Realm you hold a sneaker in (Capped at 2 total energy)
3rd Month: 1 Energy/Older Realm you hold a sneaker in (Capped at 1 total energy)
4th Month: No additional energy


$GMT is bridged across ALL Realms — this means that the price of $GMT will be similar across all Realms.

$GST is NOT bridged. Each Realm will have its own version of $GST, and each ecosystem dictates the price.

What benefits will our partners enjoy from having their own Realm?

Achieve organic growth of their core community values

With their own Realm, brands and companies can align themselves with values, which their community may rally and grow around.

  • Fitness companies may use our proven habit-inculcating platform to build a loyal community of fitness lovers, with their brand at the core.
  • For partners looking to align themselves with sustainability and give back to the environment, revenue from this collaboration can be dedicated towards environmental sustainability initiatives, just like STEPN’s carbon removal initiatives.

Partners will be able to utilise their Realm to interact with their community members, while potentially onboarding even more members, granting them enhanced exposure.

Creative and branding autonomy

Realms are designed in such a way that opens us up for easy collaboration. Partners who want their own Realm have a large degree of liberty to plan out their own ecosystem. They have the artistic licence to plan out the realm — design the game and NFTs with their company colours and branding themes, naming and designing the utility token, and so much more.

Get a share of the royalty fees

For every NFT that is sold on the marketplace, a % of the royalty fee (currently 4%) will be split between STEPN and our ecosystem partners.

Are partnerships/collaborations only restricted to Realms?

Most definitely not. STEPN is open to all forms of collaborations that will aid in pushing our agenda of active living and sustainability to the masses.

We understand that different brands will have different partnership objectives, and aim to work with all suitable partners to meet a middle ground that is beneficial for all.

Our existing partners include Asics, Project Twelve and even FTX, through which we auctioned an NFT with all proceeds going to the FTX foundation, the charity wing of the crypto exchange. Most recently, we announced a partnership with LINE Xenesis Corporation, in an effort to cement our brand in Asia.

Through our various partnerships, our grand goal is to eventually scale the both businesses to reach mass adoption for both crypto and non-crypto users alike.

Closing Thoughts

In this modern world, companies are seeking growth solutions that involve more simple brand visibility. With Realms, partners are able to have their own fully immersive Move2Earn ecosystem, designed with their own needs. They can do what no brand has ever done before — offer a unique tailored experience to community members with fitness at its core, growing both brand loyalty and onboarding new customers.

We are ready to enter the next stage of explosive growth. Realms is the first step — allowing STEPN to tap into new avenues of collaborations that will benefit us, partners, and players alike.



STEPN Official

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