How did we build the World’s first move2earn NFT game in four months?


Technical Challenge 1 — Proof of Movement

The gravity sensor

Human movement “wavelength”

Technical Challenge 2 — Proof of Distance

GPS Drifting

Result of GPS Drifting

GPS degrade

Result of lost GPS signal

GPS Bounce

Result of GPS Bounce

Our solution

Technical Challenge 3 — Hack prevention

Interface of a hack engine

Design Challenge 1 — Game’s assets storage

Design challenge 2 — Build a long-lasting reward system

The monetary facade

The social facade

The achievement facade

Design Challenge 3 — How to curb inflation?

Design challenge 4 — NFT value discovery

Uniqueness vs. Rarity vs. Scarcity

Price discovery of NFT

Value discovery of NFT

Building a robust Moat to Competition

AI-generated music

Carbon Neutrality

LBS Social integration

Reach to millions of non-crypto runners

Scalable game server




STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with Social and Game elements.

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