Gas Hero Badge Migration: How to Guide

STEPN Official
2 min readSep 14, 2023

Earlier this month, we announced that our new game, Gas Hero, will be launching on Polygon.

This implies that all our Gas Hero x STEPN Badge holders have to bridge them from Solana to Polygon on our marketplace MOOAR.

Here’s a handy how to guide:

  1. Please make sure your Solana Gas Hero Badge is withdrawn from the STEPN app and sits in a non-custodial wallet.
  2. If you are already a MOOAR member, then please send your badge to this wallet.
  3. When you arrive at, please connect the Solana wallet holding your Gas Hero badge. You will see a pop-up automatically appear. You can now click to enter the badge migration page.
  4. After starting the migration process, a progress indicator will appear in the bottom right corner. The banner will show badges that are “in the process of migrating” and those that have “already been migrated.”
  5. Congrats, your Gas Hero Badge is now on Polygon!

Important note:

  • Once migration is done, you’ll land on the Profile page. Each badge will feature a chain icon, indicating its respective chain (Solana or Polygon).
  • After migration, STEPN users won’t see their Gas Hero Badge in the STEPN app.

We’re very excited to be launching Gas Hero on Polygon, and have lots of exciting gifts lined up in the lead up to launch in December 2023.

Learn more about our choice on our Gas Hero X account.



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