First move2earn game aims to scale its player beyond Crypto community

To prepare for the upcoming Public Beta, STEPN has started raising awareness in the runner communities of Australia. STEPN has sponsored two charity running events to raise brand awareness by contributing to women requiring abuse and disability support.

STEPN aims to nudge millions of non-Crypto runners and non-game players into the web 3.0 world. Through STEPN’s built-in NFT Sneaker rental system and marketplace, even people who know nothing about Crypto or who have never played games can participate.

STEPN aims to release its Public Beta on iOS and Android on 20th December. Players who have an NFT Sneaker can then start experiencing this new form of play2earn game. STEPN is airdropping limited edition NFT Sneakers to its community members in Discord, and the NFT Sneaker is currently tradable on Magic Eden.

Winner of the Solana Ignition Hackathon Gaming Track, STEPN is building the next generation move2earn mobile game, with the aim of converting over 400 million runners to the Web 3.0 world.



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STEPN Official

STEPN Official


STEPN is a Web3 lifestyle app with Social and Game elements.