An open letter to the STEPN Community

STEPN Official
3 min readOct 11, 2022

Important updates on the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem

Dear STEPNers,

We’ve been reflecting on the past year.

Alongside the Find Satoshi Lab (FSL) team and our community, we have been lucky enough to grow tremendously — launching STEPN, reaching close to 5m users, introducing DOOAR, and having it immediately become the leading DEX on Solana. Everything we’ve created benefits STEPNers and our ecosystem.

On the heels of a phenomenal STEPNEMBER, we want to address the community with an update on some coming changes. The changes are happening so that we can continue to add value to GMT and the Find Satoshi Lab ecosystem.

GMT will continue to be the centre of a healthy FSL ecosystem, as we continue to add more utility through new FSL applications and unique partnerships.

Our mission for the FSL ecosystem is to solve the three main problems plaguing Web3:

  1. Providing utility for NFTs.
  2. Establishing Web3 identity and social components.
  3. Removing the barrier to enter Web3 through education, in order to onboard the next billion users.

Step-by-step, we will continue what we do — building the best FSL ecosystem possible.

This month, we are focusing on the road ahead. We are running on! Our team must concentrate on ongoing projects full-time, so we will not be hosting an October Town Hall. In the meantime, we will be devoting all of our resources to progressing to the next stage of Find Satoshi Lab.

We can’t wait to share the next steps with our community, but first, it’s all hands on ‘desk’.

Bear with us

The slower pace of the crypto market leaves room for creativity–we are feeling inspired. The current market conditions make this the perfect time to build.

Our innovative team of developers, creatives, and leaders at Find Satoshi Lab have been working around the clock to build something new for our international community, and further our dream for a healthier, greener, blockchain-based ecosystem. Since the beginning, we have given our all to every phase of our journey. This time isn’t any different.

Much of the Web3 community at large has suffered over the past few months. We are proud of the resilience our community has shown. You motivate us to advance our design in the wake of the bear, but building something great takes concentration and time.

Without our community driving us, the evolution and growth of the FSL ecosystem would not be possible. The feedback from STEPNers and the anecdotes of how STEPN has been able to change lives fuels our passion to keep on STEPN’. It’s a constant reminder of why we set out on our journey to pioneer the FSL ecosystem. This is still just the beginning.

It’s a marathon

We are in this for the long haul. Our team will continue to revolutionise the world.

STEPN was our first project; DOOAR followed soon after. Now it’s time to expand the Find Satoshi Lab family. That’s why we’re heads down building.

Over the next few weeks, we will be shifting gears as we evolve our vision. Through this transitional period, we will not leave the community in the dark.

We encourage you to turn on notifications because you won’t want to miss what comes next.

In November, our Town Hall series will return — with exciting news for the ecosystem.

Until then, keep STEPN.


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STEPN Official

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